Conference Rooms

A large conference room (seats 42) and small conference room (seats 16) are located on the 13th floor. Conference rooms are available to tenants free of charge. Call Mary George Smith at 919.832.0768 for details and to make reservations.

Conference Room Facilities - Rules

One of the amenities we are pleased to offer you as a tenant of the Wells Fargo Capitol Center are the two conference room facilities located on the 13th floor. As a courtesy to every tenant who utilizes these facilities, we ask that the following procedures be followed if your company reserves either of the rooms:

  • The standard setup of each room is to have one large oval table placed in the middle of the room with chairs placed at the table. Extra chairs should be placed at the perimeter of the room.
  • The room should be found in this setup and left the same way. Rearranging the room for a particular meeting will be the responsibility of the tenant. Following the meeting, the room must be put back in its original setup, also the responsibility of the tenant. Please schedule time for this when calling to reserve the room.
  • Tenants may request to have Spectrum employees arrange the tables but the request must be made at least one week in advance and the tenant will be charged $25 per man, per hour with a $50 minimum for the service. Non-payment of the fee may result in conference room privileges being taken away.
  • The following items are available to tenants while using the conference rooms:
    • TV/VCR
    • Overhead Projector
    • Teleconferencing Equipment
    • Wireless Internet
    Please ask our receptionist to reserve any of the above when you call to make your reservation.
  • The kitchen is available for catering purposes. Please remember to keep this area clean.