Conference Facility

  • The conference facility is upscale and functional, and catering is available from City Club Raleigh at all times.
  • The finishes are tasteful and warm, and the artwork promotes the project.

Workout Facility

  • The workout facility has nice, well-maintained equipment.
  • Finishes are upscale and colorful.
  • The shower/locker areas are policed regularly to ensure cleanliness at all times.

City Club Raleigh

  • City Club Raleigh continues to play a significant role in maintaining the building's image as the highest quality office location in Raleigh.
  • City Club Raleigh affiliation brings exceptional programming, business and social events, and networking opportunities to the facility.
  • City Club Raleigh offers high-tech business amenities, innovative and modern cuisine, and world-class fun for its members in order to provide more than just lunch.

Management Office

  • A quality office environment with artwork of the building and amenities, as well as a lighted model.
  • A well-appointed conference room with good views.
  • Quality management services to assist with all tenant needs.


  • A courteous, professional, clean-cut parking attendant, dressed in uniform, who acknowledges the driver and helps with directions if needed.
  • A well-functioning fountain and quality landscaping that is maintained at an unmatched level.
  • An outdoor plaza area that has very attractive furniture and is well used at lunch during nice weather.
  • Colorful, tasteful storefronts create an awareness these amenities are inside the project.

Inside Lobby

  • Upon entering, one is greeted by an attentive security officer located at the security station and who is helpful in every way possible.
  • The lobby has music to create a positive feeling, and good lighting to create warmth.
  • Wells Fargo Bank is visible from the lobby and creates activity and energy.
  • An interactive electronic directory displays the names of all retail tenants, visible from the lobby.
  • Attractive lobby furniture helps create a welcoming ambiance in the lobby.
  • Moveable chairs and tables allow for collaborative work spaces.
  • Appealing artwork creates interest and provides color in the lobby.